BANDA NELLA NEBBIA / Banda Nella Nebbia



  1. Turkish It
  2. Screaming Rondo
  3. Opus Acoustic
  4. Dafino
  5. Concertino in A Major
  6. Diamond Disco
  7. Green Groove / Sitam Zaliam Gojuj
  8. Nella Nebbia: Allegro

Radical Ethno: no one has managed to devise a more appropriate label for Banda Nella Nebbia, which skillfully marries wild, primal energy with technical virtuosity. While formally sophisticated in style, their music is performed with fluency and ease, making it both transparent and readily appealing.

BNN’s music borrows heavily from a wide range of popular music, including Frank Zappa, Les Claypool and Primus, John Zorn, and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, but traditional Lithuanian, klezmer, and Polish themes are equally important inspirations for them. While rooting their sound in diverse sources of traditional music, Banda Nella Nebia shape their original style by intentionally deconstructing pop-culture clichés, taking us on an unexpected, uncanny, and breathtaking rollercoaster ride.

Their debut album features eight tracks recorded at the Polish Radio S4 Studio in autumn 2015, with Karol Czajkowski as the producer, executive production by Unzipped Fly Records / Polish Radio 2, and promotional support from TVP Kultura.

Banda Nella Nebbia won the Grand Prix at the 2015 Polish Radio New Tradition Folk Festival, while its leader, performing under the stage name Franciszek Szpilman, received the Czesław Niemen Award for Outstanding Stage Personality.

Kacper Szroeder – trumpet
Piotr Krukowski – trumpet
Tomasz Stawiecki – saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Piotr Wróbel – bass trombone, tenor trombone
Piotr Janiec – tuba
Mateusz Szemraj – lute
Konstanty Szemraj – mandolin, guitar
Dominika Korzeniecka – drum
Amar Ziembiński – percussions
Franciszek Szpilman – bass guitar, viola

Producer – Karol Czajkowski