Lumpeks is a French-Polish quartet created on the initiative of bassist Sébastien Beliah, gathering around him two musicians from the best orchestras of French jazz (Louis Laurain and Pierre Borel) and the very talented Polish singer and percussionist Olga Kozieł.
This band managed to create a subtle blend between jazz and traditional Polish musics. From this musical encounter that transcends the frontiers was born a unique style that associates the creative energy of jazz improvisation and the powerful expressivity of
traditional Polish melodies and dances. Lumpeks won the Grand-Prix of Nowa Tradycja Polskiego Radia festival in 2019.

Louis Laurain : cornet
Pierre Borel : alto saxophone
Olga Kozieł : voice and percussions
Sébastien Beliah : double bass

Recording : Robert Migas-Mazur – Studio 84,
Polish Radio – november 2019
Mix and mastering : Robert Migas-Mazur
Illustration : Paweł Hanjcel
Graphic design : Hubert Czajkowski
Radical Polish Preachers : Michał Mendyk,
Maciej Filipczuk, Karol Czajkowski
Executive Producer : Kasia Siętochowska