1. Malymi krokami / In a few little steps
  2. Ide / Walking
  3. Korale / Bead necklace
  4. Na moim ciele / All over my body
  5. Stoje w deszczu / Standing in the rain
  6. Dusze / Souls
  7. Nie ma juz mnie / I am not anymore
  8. Jestem Zelig / I am Zelig
  9. Tu i Tam ze Sobą / Here and there with myself

Welcome to Neurasja, the eponymous debut album of four musician friends: Asja on vocals, Karol Czajkowski on guitar, Wojtek Traczyk on bass, and Hubert Zemler on drums. It;s a classic rock set-up, spiced up by just enough electronica. Beautifully melancholic, touching, amazing sounding melodies combine a rough, narcotic feeling with the crystal clear, moving voice of Asja.

Born in Warsaw, Asja mesmerizes with her voice and her lyrics. Karol Czajkowski is a guitarist, producer, and a music aficionado. Together they create unique music, complete with blues emotion, ethnic touches and a rock edge. Their pieces are beautiful and sad, but also exceptional and original, filled with inner Slavonic melancholy. Since Wojtek Traczyk and Hubert  Zemler joined the crew, the songs have become much more feisty, rough, and alternative-sounding.

Its difficult to put a label on the music played by Neurasja. Original, alternative rock songs, with sad, feminine lyrics in Polish. The 60s/70s sound is an invitation to experiment and improvise. Every note matters, as does the gradually built-up tension between the musicians. The songs sometimes take melodies, scales or rhythms from ethnic music, but thats just one of the inspirations alongside blues, rock, psychedelia, or minimal music.

Asja, wokalistka wspierania przez przyjaciół – gitarzystę Karola Czajkowskiego, basistę Wojtka Traczyka i perkusistę Huberta Zemlera, w oryginalnym i intrygującym projekcie. Neurasja gra w klasycznym, rockowym składzie – wokal, gitara, bas i perkusja, delikatnie przyprawionym odrobiną elektroniki.

Jesiennie melancholijne, chwytające za serce, piękne melodie w wyjątkowym brzmieniu, łączącym analogowy, narkotyczny feeling, z krystalicznym, wzruszającym głosem Asji. T-Bone Burnett spotyka Krystynę Konarską, Grizzly Bear spotyka Mirę Kubasińską, Tajfuny spotykają Beth Gibbons.

Całość została zmiksowana i zgrana przez Mikołaja Bugajaka, na analogowym sprzęcie ze złotych czasów.


Asja / vocal
Karol Czajkowski / guitar, sytnth
Wojtek Traczyk / bass, double bass
Hubert Zemler / drums

Production / Karol Czajkowski
Mix & Mastering / Mikołaj Bugajak – Audio-Games
Graphics design & layout / Hubert Czajkowski
Photos / Justyna Jaworska, Grzegorz Śledź

Album Reviews

have no idea what style it is, but all the sounds just belong together, creating a coherent, and a very atmospheric album. It awakes all the emotions and impressions triggered by encountering something completely new. If anything links Neurasja to the work of Alamut, it is a similar type of sensitivity, characterized by moderation, no rush, and a believe that sometimes less is more. And so we are presented again with music that is not ordinary, at the same time rough and subtle, trans and diverse, dense, and yet so spacious. A collection of nine somewhat dark songs, enveloped with cigarette smoke and served with a note of Slavonic melancholy. In other words: ideal company for long autumn evenings.
Artur Szarecki